March 17, 2017

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Why You Should Care

History is the study of our past, a time that we cannot change but can learn from. Events that have tested this nation are sometimes overshadowed by times of success, but both are an important part of our past. History is more than a chronological listing of events. Just as in genealogy we cannot select […]


March 3, 2017

Shedding Light into the Darkness: the Underground Railroad

The York County History Center will host a two day event delving into the topic of the Underground Railroad.  On April 1, 2017 six experts will talk about  Underground Railroad activities in select areas of the south central Pennsylvania/northern Maryland region. This symposium offers a great opportunity to learn about the freedom seekers’ journey north […]


February 17, 2017

The Power of Provenance

What do museums look for when assessing whether or not an offered object is a good fit for the organization’s collection? All museums may have slightly different criteria, but we all look for the object’s provenance (proving authenticity), its condition and whether it supports the organization’s mission. In our previous post, we discussed the authenticity […]


February 3, 2017

Collections Authenticity: Determining What’s “Real”

As museums, we are expected to have “the real thing.” Our reputation as trustworthy sources of learning depends upon it. But what if we aren’t sure? What if we have an object that “might be” or “could be” and how do we deal with these pieces? My goal is to introduce you to the tricky […]


January 13, 2017

Charrette: Civic Therapy for York

York in the 1960s was awash with racial tension. Like many small cities, York experienced rioting, gang violence, and increasing crime, resulting in grave concern about safety and the future of our youth. In a bold move toward positive change, the York Charrette, Inc. was formed, a York County council created to address these racial […]