Honoring the Articles



As we absorb the resboy-scoutsults of our democratic process during this post-election period, take a moment to remember the document – signed right here in York – that served as our nation’s first constitution, and brought the colonies together as a young country for the very first time. Join us on Saturday, November 12th at the Colonial Court House for a day full of activities honoring the signing of the Articles of Confederation on November 15, 1777 by the Second Continental Congress during their nine-month stint in York.

This year’s Articles of Confederation Day features a variety of hands-on activities perfect for folks of all ages. You’ll have the opportunity to print a copy of the Articles on a replica printing press, make your mark in history by signing the Articles of Confederation with a quill pen, and bring out your inner Betsy Ross by crafting a flag for the new nation. Other activities introduce you to the delegates and the colonies they represented, the challenges they faced in hammering out the terms of the Articles, and the dizzying array of colonial currency. You’ll also get to take home a copy of the first Thanksgiving Day proclamation, also passed by the Continental Congress during their time in York. End your day by ringing the Colonial Courthouse bell, letting the whole town know that the democratic process worked, and that a new nation has been born!

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