Cabinet of Curiosities, Ep. 2: Ebony and Ivory Elephants

The delicate elegance of carved elephants

In 1965, Elizabeth Bonham bequeathed to us her home and possessions, including her collection of ebony and ivory elephants. The latest Cabinet of Curiosities episode features Bailey Lozanoff, collections inventory assistant, sharing the story of these unique pieces and their care. From regular cleaning to monitoring humidity levels, our team preserves their beauty and history. Join us as we delve into the world of antique elephant figurines and the work to keep them pristine.

Episode 2: Ebony and Ivory Elephants

Episode 1The Colobus Monkey Fur Cape

About the series

With close to 90,000 artifacts in our collection, the York County History Center has many items that are seldom or never on public display. In this new video series, Cabinets of Curiosities, we introduce you to some of the oddities in our vast collection.

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