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Our Home Base

York County History Center
250 East Market Street
York, PA 17403

Phone: 717.848.1587

Fax: 717.812.1204

Specific Contacts

  • Administration

    Joan J. Mummert

    President & CEO

    Extension 217

    Stephanie Clement

    Rentals Coordinator

    Extension 228

    Susan Smith


    Extension 215

    Robin Robinson

    Administrative Assistant

    Extension 213

    Vonnie White

    Visitor Services

    Extension 301

    Kate Redshaw


    Extension 210

  • Advancement

    Heather Maneval

    Vice President Advancement

    Extension 230

    Caitlin Johnson

    Manager of Marketing & PR

    Extension 216

  • Interpretive Division

    Ophelia Chambliss

    Community Historian for Diversity & Inclusion


  • Visitor Engagement

    Christine Cooper

    Manager of Public Programs

    Extension 306

    AJ Schenck

    Visitor Experience Associate

    Extension 306

    Bart Stump

    Manager of School Programs

    Extension 302

    Pat Tomes

    Visitor Experience Associate

    Extension 210

    David P. Maletz

    Visitor Experience Associate

    Extension 302

    Terri Altland

    Vice President Guest Engagement

    Extension 303

  • Collections Department

    Emily Immel

    Collections Manager

    Extension 229

    Melissa Conroy

    Collections Inventory Assistant

    Extension 229

    Tyler Newcomer

    Collections Inventory Assistant

    Extension 229

    Rachel Warner

    Director of Collections

    Extension 212

  • Library & Archives

    Nicole Smith

    Director of Library & Archives

    Extension 225

    Adam Bentz

    Assistant Director of Library & Archives

    Extension 223

    Bryan Bailey

    Library Registrar

    Extension 233

  • Facilities

    Chuck Miller

    Director of Facilities

    Extension 222

  • Museum Shops

    Susan Smith


    Extension 215

  • Technology

    Gail Myer

    Manager of Technology Initiatives

    Extension 214