History Awards Nomination Information

Annual Award Descriptions

Chair’s Award –

This award is given at the discretion of the Board of Directors’ Chair and the Awards Task Force to an individual(s), posthumous or living, organization(s) or a business that demonstrate exemplary stewardship of history through service, philanthropy, research or actions for the long-term benefit of the York County community. The Chair’s Award represents the highest honor at the York County History Center.

The Heritage Profile Award recognizes those individuals who have made a lasting or significant contribution in preserving, interpreting, promoting, researching and/or otherwise extending the knowledge and understanding of the history of York County. Individuals to be considered include those living or deceased who have demonstrated evidence of long-term dedication and personal commitment in pursuit of these goals.


BUSINESS (Ingenuity)
This award is accorded to a business that endeavors to preserve history within the York County region in the areas of company history, building preservation, philanthropy or other involvement with celebrating the past for the benefit of the community, or which develops in its current business an extraordinary example of innovation that contributes to York County’s historic value of ingenuity in business and industry.

The Local History Organization award recognizes those associations or organizations whose activity in local and regional history serves as a role model of excellence for others to follow. The award is specifically reserved for those associations/organizations associated with local historical efforts that are deemed to have made a significant contribution in preserving, interpreting, promoting, researching or otherwise extending knowledge and understanding of the history of their locality, county or region within York County.

GOVERNMENT (Civic/Government)
The Government Award recognizes outstanding contributions to the understanding and promotion of local history by municipalities without historical organizations. Advancement of historical activities may include community celebrations, commemorative publications, audiovisual materials, historical interpretation, archival development and community service.


Volunteers nominated for this award set a high standard of volunteerism with their loyalty and dedication, which provides inspiration for other volunteers to follow.

    • Length of Involvement
      • Exceptional involvement over the previous year, which could include outstanding service, leadership in an initiative or project, or increased involvement in a volunteer role.
      • Sustained, long-term commitment to a particular volunteer role
    • Accomplishments
      • Selections are based on the nominee’s exemplary volunteer efforts and commitment of time, accomplishments, impact and service to the History Center
      • The nominee must possess an outstanding commitment to the History Center community. This commitment may be demonstrated in a variety of ways, including an excellent attendance record, a willingness to give extra effort to duties and responsibilities. For example, assisting visitor experiences or work that benefits the History Center’s mission.
    • Eligibility
      • Any volunteer within the organization with the exception of previous award winners
      • Students receiving course credits for their volunteer activities are ineligible unless the nomination is based on volunteer service that extends beyond the course requirements, in which case it must be clearly indicated in the nomination statement.
      • Must be current members of the History Center
      • Nominees can be current or previous volunteers

Guidelines for nomination:

The nomination process for 2108 is now closed.  Please visit us next year to make your 2019 nomination.  We usually begin taking submissions in February.


The Ground Swallowed Them Up

by Scott Mingus

This is the first book published that fully addresses the Underground Railroad in York County.  Surprising, considering that from the early 1800s through the early Civil War period, York County was a significant pathway for runaway slaves seeking freedom. Historian Scott Mingus details the several networks that developed which include a Quaker system, another one involving free blacks, and a third with several of York’s leading Pennsylvania Germans as conductors.  Scott Mingus is an Ohio native residing in York, PA and has written 18 Civil War books. A scientist and executive in the paper industry, he holds patents in self-adhesive postage stamps and bar code labels. Softcover, indexed.  Available in the York County History Center Gift Shop and Book Store.

Journal of York County Heritage

The Journal of York County Heritage is available annually to all members of the History Center as a benefit of membership. The 2018 edition of the Journal is now available for $6.95 in both our Museum Book Shop and online at our Gift Shop and Book Store.

The 2018 edition focuses on the World War I era, which was also the time of the pandemic “Spanish flu.”  Stephen H. Smith tells how 1917-1918 Army flight training changed the life of a York pioneer aviator in “Karl Ort: Early Aviator, Barnstormer, Businessman.”  Victoria Miller Allen writes of the different lives of “Two Glen Rock Heroes of World War I” who made the supreme sacrifice in the First World War.  Using family documents and reminiscences, Kate Oermann Worland writes “’It’s Only the Flu’: A York Family Suffers Tragedy in 1918.” Daniel Roe stresses at the importance of the Articles of Confederation, adopted here in November 1777, in “Revolutionary Articles: York’s Role in the Nation’s Founding Is Often Overlooked.”

Prior editions are also available for sale at the Museum Book Shop located at 250 E. Market St., York. Supplies are limited, so grab your copy today! Buy each previous edition individually, or purchase a combination for special price. They make great gifts for the holidays and other special occasions.

The 2013 and 2014 editions of the Journal of York County Heritage are out of print, but now available on our new Journal of York County Heritage Digital Bookcase.  Certain publications, such as Recruits to Continentals: A History of the York County Rifle Company, June 1775-January 1777 written by Philip J. Schlegel and published by our predecessor the Historical Society of York County, are now viewable on our York County History Center Publications Bookcase.

Call for Papers

Deadline for submitting articles: December 1, 2019

The York County History Center is now accepting articles for the tenth edition to be published in the Fall of 2019. Originally created in 2010 to celebrate York County history, material culture, cultural heritage, and people, articles of original scholarship are accepted. Preference will be given to those authors that utilize the York County History Center’s collection, either in full or in part. Photographs and/or other illustrative materials are encouraged but not required. The manuscript must be original, unpublished, written in English, and limited to 3,000 words.

The publications committee is looking to theme all or parts of future publications. The committee, thus, would be especially interested in submissions on the following topics:

  • 2020: York County women’s history

Please note that manuscripts on other topics will be accepted for these publications. Please review the submission guidelines carefully. Please also review the the York County History Center Style Guide. For more information, please contact Nicole Smith, Director of Library & Archives at 717-848-1587, ext. 225.

Be a part of history and submit your publication.