Journal Call for Memories

Please submit your memories and related photos of the Steam Plant, under 200 words, to Nicole Smith at or call 717-848-8879 x 225.  Memories are due by December 1st. Thank you!

Call for Memories Overview

Our memories of the former Met-Ed Steam Plant are as vital and cherished as the physical structures that surround us. Just as bricks and mortar form the foundation of our city, our personal recollections of the steam plant play an equally essential role in preserving our heritage. These memories provide a glimpse into a bygone era, capturing the sights, sounds, and emotions tied to the steam plant’s operation and the significant impact it had on our community. By sharing our memories, we ensure that the stories and experiences of the steam plant are not lost to time. They serve as a testament to our shared history, allowing us to understand and appreciate the journey that brought us to the present day.

Rediscovering York’s Trolley Cars (1892-1939)

We invite you to share your cherished family stories and memories of York’s trolley cars that operated from 1892 to 1939. Did your grandparents recount the joy of riding these iconic streetcars or the friendships formed during their daily commutes? We seek your narratives, no matter how small, to preserve the essence of this bygone era and create a vivid portrayal of York’s history. Let us revive the sights, sounds, and sentiments of the trolley cars that once carried the hopes and dreams of York’s residents. Be a custodian of our county’s heritage.

Exploring the Era of Steam Heat (1898-1977)

Share your cherished family memories of the distinctive steam heat era that enveloped our homes and buildings from 1898 to 1977. Reminisce about the rhythmic hissing of radiators, the comforting warmth emanating from cast-iron pipes, and the occasional clanging of valves releasing steam. Reflect on how this unique heating system shaped your daily life, fostering connections and providing winter solace. Submit your short memories, reliving the ambiance, sounds, and nostalgia of steam heat and preserving its legacy in our community.

Rediscovering the Age of Electricity from the Steam Plant (1885-1959)

Share your cherished family stories and memories of the electrification era powered by the steam plant in York from 1885 to 1959. Recount the excitement of flipping switches, witnessing the magic of light illuminating homes, and the marvel of electrical appliances transforming daily life. Submit your short memories, preserving the wonder and progress brought by electricity and honoring the role of the steam plant in shaping our community’s electrified future.