June 19, 2024 – Daniel Nied – “The Hunley Watch”

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“First. That the US Steamer Housatonic was blown up and sunk by a Rebel torpedo craft on the night of February 17, Last, at about nine o’clock PM, while lying at anchor in 24 feet of water off Charleston, South Carolina…” That statement is part of the official findings of the Naval Court of Inquiry, March 7, 1864.  The Union knew about a new Confederate submarine from information furnished by spies, and they did try to minimize exposure to danger as best they could, but to no avail. This was new technology, and new rules were now in play which would change the course of naval history forever.

The Hunley, a Confederate miracle, the Southern built hand-cranked submarine with an eight-man crew, had sunk a Northern ship! Would this be the breakthrough the South needed to destroy Northern Naval ships and end the blockade that was crippling southern shipping? But the Hunley vanished, not to be seen atop the water until she was raised in Charleston Harbor, in August of 2000. The mystery of her sinking is a fabulous and complex one and is still being investigated. Many questions required answers, and many experts in various disciplines would be needed to come up with answers following a myriad of clues. We need only concern ourselves at this point, with one clue – the captain’s pocket watch.

Daniel Nied is an internationally recognized authority on the manufacture, conservation, and restoration of clocks and watches. He has taught and lectured extensively and has provided Horological consulting services to the United States Government, and to many national publications and organizations. He is the Owner and Director of York Time Institute, a school of watch and clock making which was licensed in 2008 by the Pennsylvania Board of Private Licensed Schools. He previously served as Director of the School of Horology of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors. His approach to education requires students to master a wide variety of skills and techniques through active participation.


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