Second Saturday Series

The Souls of Black Baseball: Voices from the Field of Dreams Deffered

April 13, 10:30 am Historical Society Museum

The History Center’s April Second Saturday Program will feature author and historian Dr. Robert Allen as he shares memories of the hardships and joys of America’s pastime as they were told by the players and participants of Negro League Baseball.

Dr. Allen is a graduate of Bucknell University with major concentrations in American Studies and Philosophy, as well as holding an MA and PHD in Philosophy from Penn State.  He devoted over 15 years of research time to exploring the history of Negro League Baseball as director of the Souls of Black Baseball project, which has recorded nearly 400 hours of oral history interviews with players and participants of the black leagues. He summarizes the importance of the project this way,“Without such histories being recorded, getting the actors to recall the play, and enabling future generations to see and understand the scene of the past ‘In time, we forget who we are.’ As players from the old baseball Negro Leagues probe the scars and remember the joys of their finest hours amidst the apartheid at the heart of the nation’s pastime, this project will memorialize who they were so that we can better understand who we might be. Hopefully, it will make a special contribution to this important history of sport and American society; be of help and of use to veteran historians of the sport; and bring to life and keep alive the lessons and challenges we can all take up from this fascinating history.”


Rare Rock Cave Art to Barn Decorations and Mystery Marks on Historic Barns in Pennsylvania -Manifestations of Man’s Secret World

May 11, 10:30 at Historical Society

Follow along as Greg Huber unfolds the story of man’s irresistible urge to make applications to various surfaces of nature or of his own making. What is their meaning? Is there a pattern? Why?

Certain patterns appear in the geometric signs and symbols of Ice Age Europe 10,000 to 40,000 years ago. The great archeologist Genevieve von Petzinger’s recent research indicates that 32 main signs were used in that 30,000 year period. Those signs are repeated across time and space. The ones that are most relatable are the ones where it is easiest to discern patterns. The existence of the patterns themselves imply meaning.

Consider then, the signs and symbols that have been created by rural folk in southeastern Pa in the 18th and 19th centuries. This presentation is the first time that the results of research of the markings left on area barns and homes has been analyzed as part of the larger study of ancient markings left around the world.

Greg Huber is an independent scholar, consultant, and principal owner of Past Perspectives and Eastern Barn Consultants based in Macungie, PA. A student of early vernacular architecture since 1971, his special focus is in both house and barn histories of historic homesteads in southeast Pennsylvania and beyond. He is author of 275 articles on barn and house architecture, co-author of two books, and editor of Barns: A Close-up Look. His current book, The Historic Barns of Southeastern Pennsylvania: Architecture & Preservation, Built 1750-1900 will be available for sale, and he is available for historic homestead consultation work.


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Second Saturday: The Souls of Black Baseball

  • Saturday, April 13
  • 10:30 am
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