With a focus on Gen Z, we invite you to discover yourself and your role in history. This page is just a small sample of the activities to turbocharge our democracy. Explore the entire Civic Season webpage here!

Reading List

We’ve put together a reading list of great books about Civics, Leadership, and History. All books included on the list can be found with our friends at York County Libraries.

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History Center Resources

We hope our digital exhibits and playlist will help you better understand Civics, the Black Community, Suffrage and much more!

This exhibit showcases the history of the Black community in the context of York County’s larger history.

Explore the exhibit here.

Created in connection to the anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment, this exhibit leads the reader through the complex history of the Suffrage Movement in America.

Discover what the exhibit holds here.


Watch our YouTube Playlist that highlights any and all programs that are tied to the themes of Civic Season.

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Civic Season Resources


With over 400 organizations participating in Civic Season we narrowed it down to several activities.

The National Archives presents a collection of archival materials for you to analyze. These documents and photographs span from the 1830s to the 1970s. Start your analysis here.

Looking for something to talk about with your family at dinner? This series of questions will open a dialogue about the Bill of Rights, Civil Rights and more. Begin the conversation here with The Family Dinner Project.

Heinz History Center is hosting a civics-themed photo contest for high schoolers! Visit their website for how to participate.

Made By Us, the Japanese American national museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art joined together to discuss how art can challenge and shift culture in connection to voting. Watch their discussion here.

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