If you could make your country better…wouldn’t you?

Our Future is ours to shape. Every day offers a new chance to write the next chapter of the United States of America, from our traditions to our policies and practices. Held every summer between two pivotal events within America’s history, Civic Season is like a welcome party for the many hands involved in our democracy. Explore what you stand for by connecting with credible resources, passionate communities, and the opportunity to amplify your voice.

Four hundred cultural and civic institutions across the country are hosting the second annual Civic Season between Juneteenth and July 4th. It will be a new summer tradition for learning and action co-designed with Gen Z,  the future inheritors of our democracy!

Anchored by Juneteenth and Independence Day – two dates that highlight the gap between our nation’s promises and practices – Civic Season is about welcoming the future inheritors of the United States to learn about our nation’s history so they can use it to inform and inspire civic participation for generations to come.

“Civic Season is hosting a nationwide conversation in virtual spaces and in real life and urging everyone to understand the impact of our past to better incorporate those lessons into our lives.”

Caroline Klibanoff

Managing Director of Made By Us, National Museum of American History

York County History Center Activities

Virtual and At Your Own Pace Activities

Onsite Activities & Programs

1. Agricultural & Industrial Museum, 217 W. Princess Street

  • Connect to Civics Question
  • Activity Sheets

2. Historical Society Museum, 250 E. Market Street

  • Essential Pieces: A Timeline of Black History in York Exhibit
  • What Does Justice Mean to You? Exhibit

3. Colonial Complex, 157 W. Market Street

  • Guided tour of Colonial Sites

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“As the United States approaches its 250th anniversary, we have the opportunity to reconnect with our complex past, strengthen our present, and inform our future.”

Patrick Madden

Executive Director , National Archives Foundation

Some of the text and materials come from Civic Season’s webpage.