Make Your Mark on History

To ensure that a vibrant tomorrow exists for our county’s history we are working through deliberate and purposeful change to address new audience expectations, advances in technology, evolving  educational needs, and variability in economic conditions.  Our initial effort centers upon developing a museum, library & archive in the former Met-Ed steam plant building to open in 2020.

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The York County History Center will be a wonderful opportunity to share our history with others so they may appreciate the role the people, places, and ideas have played in creating our community.

Meet our architects and exhibit designers:


The York County History Center is county’s storyteller, connecting the community and tourists alike with the astounding stories of our shared history. Through compelling programs, exhibits and publications we strive to inspire exploration of history, people and culture of our county, state and nation. Thank you for thoughtfully considering a gift to achieve our goal of enhancing and sharing York’s history today and for future generations.

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