In order for the History Center to help visitors effectively immerse themselves in York County’s diverse and memorable past, the History Center’s Interpretive Division utilizes all of the organization’s assets. It is the duty of the Collections Department to care for and exhibit of approximately 90,000 artifacts which comprise exceptional collections of everything from Decorative Arts to Military to Quilts & Coverlets to Industrial and much more. The Collections Department strives to have stories from every major era on exhibit. When you visit the sites of the History Center, you can step back in time while visiting the Colonial Complex or learn about York County’s entrepreneurial and industrial spirit at the Agricultural and Industrial Museum. For an exceptional overview of all of York County’s history, do not miss the Historical Society Museum Library & Archives.

York City: 275 Years of History

Open Tuesday through Saturday 9:00 - 5:00


Located at the History Center’s Historical Society Museum Library & Archives, York City: 275 Years of History. In commemorating the historic 275th anniversary year of the founding of York, the exhibit will allow visitors to discover the significant events, people, and places throughout the city’s nearly three centuries of history from 1741 to today. The exhibit will feature nostalgic images and artifacts from various time periods of the city’s comprehensive and diverse past. The exhibit will run until January 7, 2017.