In order for the History Center to help visitors effectively immerse themselves in York County’s diverse and memorable past, the History Center’s Interpretive Division utilizes all of the organization’s assets. It is the duty of the Collections Department to care for and exhibit of approximately 90,000 artifacts which comprise exceptional collections of everything from Decorative Arts to Military to Quilts & Coverlets to Industrial and much more. The Collections Department strives to have stories from every major era on exhibit. When you visit the sites of the History Center, you can step back in time while visiting the Colonial Complex or learn about York County’s entrepreneurial and industrial spirit at the Agricultural and Industrial Museum. For an exceptional overview of all of York County’s history, do not miss the Historical Society Museum Library & Archives.

Our Artists Our Stories

Now Open! Regular Hours are Tuesday through Saturday 10 am - 4 pm.


York County has produced many artists from the internationally famous to the lesser known “local” artists. Their works and personal connections to place provide a powerful window into York County’s past and present.

Our Artists Our Stories features art pieces from the York County History Center’s collection either not previously or recently exhibited. The exhibit features works from various periods and genres, and includes formally trained to self-taught artists. The current rotation features the work of local cartoonist and watercolor artist, Walt Partymiller, who worked for York’s Gazette and Daily newspaper from the 1940s-1970s. The exhibit was co-curated by local artist, Brett Greiman, and Director of Collections, Rachel Warner. It explores how Partymiller used his “visual voice” to make commentary on the social, economic, and political issues of his time.

Our Artists Our Stories will run through September 5, 2020 on the Mezzanine of the Historical Society Museum. The exhibit and related programming is supported by the Cultural Alliance of York County.

Lewis Miller's Makers

Now Open! Regular Hours are Tuesday through Saturday 10 am - 4 pm.


Come explore York’s rich history of artisans and makers through the eyes of our most beloved folk artist, Lewis Miller, from December 10, 2019 through September 5, 2020!

Join us on the Mezzanine at our Historical Society Museum site to view the latest rotation of the Lewis Miller Gallery featuring “Lewis Miller’s Makers”. Through a series of 16 original and reproduction sketches, we examine how Miller depicted various local artisans and makers including tailors, gunsmiths, wine and spirit makers, shoemakers, and many more. To compliment his sketches, we have also pulled various related artifacts from storage that were made or used locally.

Lewis “Loui” Miller (1796-1882) was born and lived most of his life in York, Pennsylvania. Though a carpenter by trade, he is remembered today as a folk artist. His sketches chronicle historical events, his travels in America and abroad, and the lives of ordinary people. The History Center maintains a collection of more than 2,000 original Lewis Miller sketches.