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Bible Collection

The York County History Center accepted Bibles until the 1970s. This collection shares the Bible’s title page as well as the pages that contain family data: birth and baptismal records, marriages and deaths. In many instances, a family Bible may provide the only recording of such information. In some cases, only a person’s name without any vital information appears in the Bible.

This index is only for original Bible records in The History Center’s collection. There are photocopies of many Bible records in our Family Files. South Central Pennsylvania Genealogical Society has published seven volumes of Bible records, primarily from Center’s Family Files.

York City Streets and Alleys

The York City Streets and Alleys illustrate the city beginning in the 1870s. Varying in size and condition these photographs highlight individual buildings as well as city events.

York County Postcards

This online library of York County Postcards captures a specific moment in time of York County’s communities.

Dempwolf Architectural Drawings

John Augustus (J.A.) Dempwolf and his brother Reinhardt Dempwolf ran one of the most successful architectural practices ever located in South Central Pennsylvania. J.A. Dempwolf established the firm in 1874 in York, Pennsylvania and was later joined by Reinhardt Dempwolf in 1884. J.A.’s son, Frederick, eventually joined the firm as well. The firm designed residential, commercial and public buildings, most of them located in southern Pennsylvania and northern Maryland, although they did many projects throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Many of the Victorian and Edwardian buildings of York were designed by the Dempwolfs, most notably the Central Market House, which still serves as a farmers’ market and eatery today. They had a great influence on York’s architecture from the 1880s through the 1930s, which was spread by seven of their students. all of whom went on to become architects in or near York, PA.

The Dempwolf Architectural Drawings were photographed through a grant from the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission (PHMC). The Library & Archives arranged for the photographing of nearly 2,000 original architectural drawings from the 1880s through the 1930s from two York County architectural firms, J.A. Dempwolf and Charles A. Williams. Johnson Imaging Systems, Inc. of Camp Hill, PA used an Opti-Copy camera system to photograph the collection, and a macromaster negative was created from which a print was made. In addition to the original drawings, the Library & Archives has a set of negatives and a set of prints of these photographs, which have also been digitized. The photographs increase public accessibility to the drawings, while preserving the original drawings.

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